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AXD successfully completed the 11th China International Defense Electronics Fair

AXD successfully unveiled the 11th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition. China International Defense Electronics Exhibition was supported by the Equipment and Technical Cooperation Bureau of the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission, and jointly hosted by China Electronics Technology Corporation and China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. ( The China National Defense [...]

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Data Integrity and National Security –AXD industrial 2.5 inch SSD solutions

Data Integrity and National Security Digitalization already permeates every layer of society and will only keep spreading at increasing rates. With this increasing number of digital platforms and ever larger amounts of data, there is however growing concerns for data safety – and nowhere is this more true than for matters of national security. For [...]

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Uncompromising Embedded Solutions — AXD DOM SSD Solutions

Uncompromising Embedded Solutions Embedded systems form an incredibly important but easily overlooked part of our daily lives. Every embedded system is dedicated to a specific task that vary greatly in size and complexity – it can be anything from something as simple as turning a street light on and off, to operating something as advanced [...]

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Modern Server Solutions — AXD SATA DOM solution

Modern Server Solutions With buzzwords such as cloud computing and hyper convergence, modern server applications might come across as slightly unintelligible to the average user. But even with the physical infrastructure being located offsite and services being completely online-based, at the end of the line you will still find a standard server solution built with [...]

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Secure and Reliable Gaming Solutions that Play to Win –AXD TurboMLC SATADOM solutions

Secure and Reliable Gaming Solutions that Play to Win It is one of the largest entertainment industries; however, within the excitement of the flashing lights, spinning wheels and mesmerizing sounds of the casino world there is an uninterrupted flow of data. This seamless and silent operation is an essential part of having games run smoothly [...]

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Facilitating an Interconnected World — AXD SATADOM 6Gbps solutions

Facilitating an Interconnected World Connect two computers together and you will have the most basic of networks. Now keep scaling this up and you will eventually reach megastructures such as the Internet or the telephone network. Yet even the line between these large-scale networks is increasingly blurred as the world is becoming ever more interconnected. [...]

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